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Willie’s Remedy

Willie’s Remedy

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Country music icon Willie Nelson has launched a new brand of hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products including Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee Beans, Willie’s Remedy infused hemp oil tincture, and their are more products currently in the works by Willie

The coffees, sourced from farms in Colombia and infused with organic hemp oil, which deliver doses of CBD. The regular strength version contains approximately 7 mg of CBD per 8-ounce cup, and the double strength coffee carries 15 mg in a comparable serving

“Our craft roasters use a simple and natural infusion process that took years to perfect. There are no added chemicals, preservatives or binding agents—it’s a pure, plant-enriched coffee.” — Annie Nelson (Willie Nelson's Wife)

“We have a dropper of tincture at the start of the day. It’s also great added to a smoothie or with a little apple cider vinegar as a dressing. It’s fat soluble so it blends well with other oils.” — Annie Nelson

“When I Started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” — Willie Nelson