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Bearly Legal Hemp Introduces the newest line of Pineapple Express THC-O Acetate Vape Cartridges, exclusively filled in iKrusher Calibr Pro Vape Tanks. Pineapple Express is Sativa hemp strain and is a great choice for daytime use and is known for having a very cerebral and focused effect that leaves users feeling alert, creative and energetic. The Terpenes used, are from TRUE TERPENES Brand New Line of Live-Resin 'Hemp Derived' Terpenes called Live Alchemy.

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Bearly Legal Hemp Introduces the newest line of Pineapple Express THC-O Acetate Vape Cartridges are exclusively filled in iKrusher Calibr Pro Vape Tanks. Pineapple Express is known for having a very cerebral and focused effect that leaves users feeling alert, energetic and creative. The Terpenes used are from TRUE TERPENES Brand New Line of Live-Resin 'Hemp Derived' Terpenes called Live Alchemy.

Pineapple Express has been a part of the cannabis community for decades. This Sativa hemp strain is a great choice for daytime use and is known for having a very cerebral and focused effect that leaves users feeling alert, creative and energetic. Pineapple Express also produces an uplifting feeling of happiness, without being overpowering or too mellow. Some users even find it to be effective for treating depression.

Like most popular strains, Pineapple Express is well known for the many different terpenes that include a variety of citrus notes with overtones of wood and pine. These include the terpenes Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, Pinene and Humulene.

Caryophyllene: 30% - This is what you smell in black pepper essential oil, and also in rosemary essential oil. Caryophyllene is a fragrant aroma that goes hand-in-hand with some of the pine terpenes found in Pineapple Express. The terpenes, is what sets Pineapple Express apart from other strains on the market.

Myrcene: 23% - This is a main component in the oils of thyme and hops, as well as lemongrass and mango essential oils. Myrcene is a fragrant aroma that works well with other terpenes in Pineapple Express such as caryophyllene, pinene and humulene. It also supports sativa effects and energetic, uplifting effects.

Limonene: 18% - This is one of the main terpenes in cannabis that you may recognize. It gives off a distinct citrus aroma, which is why it’s found in most strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Super Lemon Haze and Jack Herer. Limonene pairs well with other citrusy terpenes to enhance the effect of Pineapple Express.

Pinene: 18% - This is another main component in the oils of pine trees and is found in clove essential oil. Pinene is a fragrant aroma that meshes well with other terpenes found in the Pineapple Express Hemp Strain, since it provides a strong citrus note.

Humulene: 15% - You’ll find this terpene in hops and it’s what gives off the distinct earthy aroma. Humulene pairs well with other pine terpenes like Pinene and Caryophyllene to provide a stronger flavor profile of pine.

The iKrusher CALIBR PRO 510 thread cartridge by iKrusher offers a award-winning proprietary design, with advanced, even “oil to coil” engineering to maximize consumption down to the last drop. Unlike other 510 thread cartridges, the CALIBR PRO features four intake holes, paired with our iKonic ceramic coil technology to provide superior taste and quality. The CALIBR PRO is designed with a wider upgraded mouthpiece for an enhanced stronger consumer experience.

Delta-8- Acetate Vape Cartridge Details:

  • 95% of Pure THC-O-Acetate Distillate
  • 5% Terpenes
  • Sativa Strain
  • Flavor: Sweet, Tropical, Cedar, Citrus
  • Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Energetic, Soothing Sensation
  • No VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agents, only Pure and very Concentrated Distillate
  • 510 Thread Cartridge
  • Tank Capacity 1.0ml
  • Glass Tank
  • iKonic Ceramic Coil
  • Center Post is Lead-Free Copper
  • Round Medical-grade PCTG Plastic Mouthpiece
  • 4*2.0mm Intake Hole
  • Resistance 1.6Ω

About Bearly Legal Hemp Co.

Bearly Legal is a Grade A+ Indoor Hemp Grower that has transitioned into producing the highest quality D8 Delta 8 Infused Hemp Products on the market. They provide a full range of high quality D8 infused product lines made from both broad spectrum and narrow spectrum Delta-8-THC. They use no VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agents, only pure and very concentrated distillate. Extracts of only the highest quality standards and quality is guaranteed. All Bearly Legal products are 100% Hemp Derived, cGMP manufactured, and conform to all legalities in which states are sold.

Bearly Legal Hemp is your #1 source for the highest quality Delta-8-THC hemp products on the market. Along with Delta 8 tanks, they are now introducing THCO Vape Tanks & Carts and working on even more exotic cannabinoids that we will be releasing in the future like the ultra potent THCP & CBDP cannnabinoids. Designed to give you the satisfaction of the real thing, while staying perfectly legal.

What is THC-O / Delta-8-Acetate?

THC-O Acetate starts with Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, which is the natural product that is the main psychoactive component of cannabis. THC-O-acetate is a synthesized cannabinoid, meaning that you cannot extract the compound from the cannabis plant like you can in order to obtain concentrated levels of pure delta 8 or delta 9. THC-O is psychoactive, like all THC compounds. While delta 8 and delta 10 are known for being milder than delta 9, THC-O is anything but.

This cannabinoid is striking in terms of its potency, which is about 3 times as psychoactive as delta-9. Yes, 300% stronger than regular THC. THC-O is derived from Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), the predecessor to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) before it’s decarboxylated. Chemists can produce THC-O by applying THCA to a blend of sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride, which is why the cannabinoid is classified as synthetic. When heat is applied to this combination of chemicals, a chemical reaction occurs that changes the molecular structure of THCA to make it phenomenally potent.

Will THC-O Acetate Show Up On A Drug Test?

Yes. All THC molecules will break down into THC metabolites, regardless of the THC formation they start out as. Which means, to a drug test, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, THC-O Acetate and THC will all look the same.

What Does THC-O Feel Like?

THC-O tends to deliver an Indica-like effect that can almost overpower the synergy effects from different terpenes. THCO is very body heavy and super relaxing and it may outweigh the Sativa effects from certain terpenes. For a very small % of people, around 3-5%, THCO has little to no effect. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, THC-O shows the inverse reaction. Around 5% of people, THCO produces very powerful, almost psychedelic effects. For the rest of the 90%, it works the way it should with a very strong and potent (but delayed) onset with feelings of relaxation, calmness, happiness and immersiveness.

As THC-O is about 3x as potent as delta 9 THC, you can expect this cannabinoid to get you, well, pretty high with a strong buzz, however its psychoactive effects go beyond those associated with a typical THC high, such as feeling giggly, sleepy, and introspective. THC-O is nicknamed “the spiritual cannabinoid” for a reason. Unlike any other cannabinoid in cannabis, including both marijuana and hemp, THC-O-acetate produces a psychedelic experience, almost more similar to the intoxication associated with psilocybin. Unlike LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis consumed in “whole plant” flower form is not exactly psychedelic. However, when consuming THC-O-acetate, the effects will be similar to these more psychedelic realms. Effects are said to be very spiritual and introspective Full Body and Mental Experience.

What Are The Benefits Of THC-O-Acetate | Delta-8-Acetate | THC-X?

THC-O Acetate is a a much more potent version of Delta-8-THC. It is a very bio-accessible form of THC, because it passes through the liver very quickly and is directly absorbed by cells in the lungs. THC in its acetate form WORKS FAST and is MORE POTENT than D8 THC. THC-O in a Vape cart is amazing because it's a flowable liquid at room temperature unlike delta-8-distillate. D8-Acetate has a long lasting effect on the body unlike other forms of extracts and has been stated to have more pleasant, psychedelic and spiritual type effects' then when compared to Delta-8-THC.

What Are The Side Effects Of THC-O?

Taking too much THCo, like any THC can cause intense side effects. Again, because the compound is strong we suggest smaller dosages first then taking higher doses after time once you get comfortable with the compound and effects. May Experience Intense High, Dry Mouth, Headache, Strong Body High and Psychedelic Experience (If not interested in that).

WARNING: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. This product may affect blood pressure, heart rate and/or intraocular pressure in some people. Consult a physician if you have any known or unknown health conditions including heart, blood pressure, eye, eye pressure or similar related issues prior to use.

THCO is a relatively new cannabinoid, so not an immense amount of research has been done on it. It is highly potent, highly perceptual and can be considered Delta-8 on steroids. All of our existing warnings on deta-8 apply to THCO. Tread Lightly!

THC-O Acetate is derived from 100% legal USA hemp in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill legally defines hemp as all parts of cannabis plants (that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC), including isomers and derivatives. Delta-8 is both an isomer and a derivative. THC-O Acetate is not an isomer but is legally protected because it is, in fact, a derivative. The purchaser assumes all liabilities pertaining to whether this product is legal in their state or territory. Do not use this product if you undergo drug screening as you will likely fail the drug test. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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