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THC-O Acetate

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THC-O Acetate also known as Delta-8-Acetate, THC-X, Delta-X or Pur-Infinite is similar to Delta-8-THC, THC-O Acetate delivers a powerful punch of effects that are quite delightful, but much more potent and stronger & longer lasting than D8 or D10 but fully federally farm bill compliant. THCO is made for the connoisseurs of Delta-THC extracts and rare and exotic cannabinoids.

THC-O-Acetate is a very bio-accessible form of THC. This is because it passes through the liver very quickly and is directly absorbed by cells in the lungs. So THC in its acetate form MORE POTENT & WORKS FAST than Delta-8 THC.

D8 THC-O typically gives a Indica and relaxing feeling, with a calming warmth and head buzz immediately. D8-Acetate has been stated to have more 'Pleasant, spiritual, and psychedelic type effects' then when compared to delta-8-THC. THCO is a relatively new cannabinoid, so not an immense amount of research has been done on it. It is highly perceptual, highly potent, highly and can be considered Delta-8 on steroids. All of our existing warnings on deta-8 apply to THCO. Tread Lightly!